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How soon to stop paying on a CC when you know what is coming?? (Kim r u there?)

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  • How soon to stop paying on a CC when you know what is coming?? (Kim r u there?)

    This is a follow-up to a thread from Feb. (see last reply at the

    I was advised by my lawyer to stop paying on my CC a "few months"
    before filing Chp. 7.

    My question is how many months. I will be out of work in Sept. and
    can't file until then. But I can't make the $1500 payment every month
    until then. But I don't want to totally screw myself by doing
    something too soon.

    I noticed that a few months ago when I was slightly over my limit, the
    CC was calling everyday (I was using the CC for work and paid the
    payment + over balance amount right away).

    I will not be using the cards but will being late for a few months
    really make anything worse if I am going into a Chp. 7.


    If you have decided to file Chap 7, why do you want to continuing
    paying them? I would stop immediately right now. You are just
    throwing your money away.

    [email protected] (Hank Freeman) wrote in message news:<[email protected] com>...
    I had my first free initial consult. with a lawyer. He advised me to stop paying my CC the month before I file to save the money.....but I have read posts in this group about the negative impacts of late payments in your Credit Report. Given it would be going to Chp. 7 anyway would a late payment or two (?) make any difference?