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Has Anyone Not Received Their Credit Card Statement Lately?

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  • Has Anyone Not Received Their Credit Card Statement Lately?

    I need to know if any one has missed receiving their credit card
    statements lately.I'm trying to figure out if the banks are playing
    games to collect late fees.

    Please tell me the name of the bank and if you're paying the minimum or
    total balance?Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re; billing statements

    I have just experienced 12 months of not receiving a statement and the interest accrued was $300.00. I was not aware of the charge but the credit card company did not contact me in writing or call me or even send the card they supposedly issued. It has blemished my good credit and they sold it to collections. I am having a hard time finding out what my legal rights are. So, I would advise anyone to keep on top of their charges, new accounts and call the minute a statement does not arrive. I did have a situation with another credit card company who stopped sending statements after I made two online payments and this seems to be a trend also. So, if you pay on line they presume you will continue to pay on line and of course if you forget you get charges. I do think it is a scam on the part of credit card companies to get fees. Consumers have to be more diligent. In the case of not getting a bill for 12 months it has alarmed me greatly that they issue cards from stores such as JC Penney, Macys etc and you do not know that they belong to GE Moneybank. Any advice on what to do if you were not billed?


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      If you filed for bankruptcy, there is an automatic stay so they cannot contact you. It is the law.


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        Re: non issuance of statement

        I do not want to file for bankruptcy as my credit is good and all I want to do is to get this situation rectified. Does any one know if a credit card company does not bill you if you are still liable for the charge, even if the charge was one you made but forgot about. No one seems to have the answer to this and yet it must happen often.
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          Yes, you are responsible. My Mother got into the same situation and went to an attorney (California). She had to pay. Also be advised that credit card companies can now raise your interest rate if you are late on any of your other bills but are current with them. Again, California and per the attorney.