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I'm being sued by a collection agency

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  • I'm being sued by a collection agency

    I am being sued by a collection agency for 13,185.00 plus its an old CC
    debt..I am disabled and on Social security Disability and live in Oklahoma.
    I was just served a legal summons tonight . Its a judgement against me for
    the money that I cerainly don't have. I'm destitute. I understand my house
    is protected from seizure in Oklahoma , My car is not worth 3k as a trade
    in. I have no other assets available for seizure..I don't dispute the debt.

    I wrote the CCC that I could no longer pay and was sick and on SSDI . I
    got in over my head with 3 CC's. I once had money from an inheritance, I'm
    65 yrs old , But not being a good manager of money and using credit cards
    and paying bills a couple of years ago because of severe health problems, I
    used up the money.

    This seems to be an arbitration thing of some kind. Do I have to appear in
    court or just go over to the court house as it says and write a
    Do I need an attorney? I have no money for an attorney so can I represent
    my self ?
    Thanks in advance for any advice...

    Alan Gibson