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Selling home to pay off Chapter 13-Maryland

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  • Selling home to pay off Chapter 13-Maryland

    I have a contract on my home to sell, settlement is August 12th. I initially had a contract last Oct, the buyers financing fell through and I had to start over and did some fixing up.

    As a good lil citizen I went to the courts and got the order for me to see my home in order to pay the trustee in full. The order is dated 10/15/2004

    The realtor heard a little bird that said as of May 2005 there is additional forms that are needed besides the order.

    Is this true , do I need anything besides the order granting me the write to sell the home and payoff the bankruptcy in full

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    Not sure on that but I recommend getting a new payoff from the Ch 13 trustee because your payoff is old, and hte numbers change and the payoff amount has likely changed also. If there is an additional form involved, it is possible, but that may be something related to local practice in that specific bankruptcy court as new bankruptcy legislation has not yet been implemented nationwide and will be starting this Fall I believe @ October 1st.