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Creditor still contacts after bankruptcy North Carolina

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  • Creditor still contacts after bankruptcy North Carolina

    Why would a creditor still be contacting years after bankruptcy. Long story short, we filed 13 back in 07. We had a 2nd mortgage with a company you see on TV all the tme, we put it down as debt we would continue to pay since it was 2nd mortgage. About a year into bankruptcy the lawyer contacted us saying the trustee did a review of our case and found the 2nd mortgage company never had a lien against the property so it was being written off as non secures debt and not to make another payment. This has been 8 years and about 3 years ago when it was discharged we started getting letters from them that we owe X amount, I have probably gotten 100 letters and tons of calls. I refinanced home last year and thought it would come up and they said nope we see if was non secured and written off. So how can this company still be allowed to contact us?

  • Betty3
    Did you notify the creditor this was discharged in bankruptcy? If any problems, I would run it by your/a bankruptcy attorney.

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