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Transportation Allowance in Bankruptcy. Kansas

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  • Transportation Allowance in Bankruptcy. Kansas

    Hi, I am currently filling out my Bankruptcy Petition and comparing my expenses to IRS/LOCAL Standards allowances. My question is on Transportation Allowance. The website says the allowance is $424 for two vehicles. According to the IRS website it seems this total also includes any insurance you pay on the vehicle as well. So this $424 is the max you can claim for gas,tags,insurance, etc? I want to verify that this cost includes everything and that the insurance payment can not be separate? Also if your expense is more will you need receipts and such to prove it? Thank you for you time,

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    You really need to be working with an attorney who handles bankruptcy. It is not a DIY project.
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      Your best bet when filing for bankruptcy is to get the help of a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy laws are more involved since the new rules eff. in 2005.

      If the IRS website says it includes ins., than I assume it does. Whether you need any receipts depends on what the trustee wants & what the instructions say.
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