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    I have a friend who is considering bankruptcy. She and her husband are in well over their heads.

    The problem is, she is purposely underemployed. She quit a better paying job for a less paying job, saying she didn't get along with her boss and would probably be fired anyway.

    Additionally, she and her husband have only credit card debt. They live in a duplex owned by his parents, and pay rent, but his parents pay the utilites. Neither of them has a second job. They have no children. She claims that after they pay their monthly essentials (rent, car payments, food, cell phones), they have less than $100 left. She said that is not enough to pay off the credit cards, and I do not think she has made any attempt to contact her cc companies and work out a payment plan. I do not know HOW much their debt is exactly, my guess is it is under $50,000.

    If anyone can take a guess, do these two have a shot at bankruptcy? I told her it wasn't a sure thing, and that filing doesn't give you a clean slate, but I do not know enough about it to really help her out. I told her I thought she could possibly be denied unless and until she and her husband make an actual EFFORT to pay off their debt, btu honestly, I have no idea if that is true. I believe they want to filr Chapter 7.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I believe your friend's best bet would be to talk to a bankruptcy attorney. You can usually get an initial consultation for free.
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