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Imaging facility report forgery Arizona

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    Originally posted by Alice Dodd View Post
    I wouldn't believe your supervisor when she says the radiologist knows. I can't imagine a doctor would risk their license like that. Either way, I'd refuse. Or you can call your state's medical board and ask what they think of you doing this?

    I think you're being set up as a fall guy....

    Ok. So I spoke with the MRTBE, the state licensure board of Az, and they wanted They wanted my name and the names of everyone involved. The state inspector wanted the medical board to know about this. I was told to call the Office of the Inspector General as well.

    Yesterday I emailed the radiologist in question requesting him to reply stating he authorizes me to xerox his name to the reports before they go to the referring physician. He did so! He said he reviews them online after I have sent them. But is it legal to send a report to an ordering physician without first having a radiologist review the report?

    My office manager still wants me to 'complete' 6 months of logs that indicate certain areas of the office were cleaned. These areas are not even in my domain. The state also checks these logs. She said she wanted me to fill out all paperwork for those 6 months before the state comes in for an inspection at some point.
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      I can't imagine it is legal or at least ethical but it soumds like the correct authorities are investigating and they will make the ultimate determination.
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