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Nurse sent my medical information to supplier without my consent Montana

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  • Nurse sent my medical information to supplier without my consent Montana

    Dr's Nurse sent my medical information to a medical supplier without my consent..NOT to mention the diagnosis. The company she sent the information to is not anyone I wanted to do business with. I had all ready made plans with another company. I would have thought HIPPA would keep something like this from happening?? Not to mention I haven't even seen the doctor. She just took it upon herself to order something without even telling or asking me what I wanted to do. It really makes me MAD. The reason for not doing business with the one company is that they have an employ that is a neighbor. SHE is a BIG MOUTH tells your business.
    ANY Ideas????
    ICIrisheyes in Montana

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    It's HIPAA, not HIPPA. While there is a widespread belief that HIPAA precludes the disemmination of all healthcare information, it doesn't, and I don't think that this is a violation. See the HIPAA FAQ here:

    If the communication to the medcial supplier was part of managing your care, it's unlikely that this is violation.
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      Nurse sent medical info with out consent

      Thank You for your reply. Question is how can she send something when I did not even have the information yet. I had not even been told of what was wrong. It would have been nice to know just what was going on. She took it upon her self to just send my information to who ever she wanted. With no regard to ME what so ever. Sorry but I have been a victim of identity theft
      I watch everything & everyone I do business with. For that reason I had made contact with a company of my choosing. If she had taken the time to make contact with me she would have known. It's the idea that she sent an order ordering equipment for me not of my choosing. She also sent my entire medical test results & diagnosis to people I do not know. It just makes me mad that she would even do that. Another thing if she had taken the time to return my calls she would have been on the right track. She sent the information & order on the 13th of May & I never received any thing until May 19th. All she sent was a letter saying she ordered equipment. I had to call the office to find out what was wrong & what & just who she sent information to..... I might just call atty. I am so MAD. She never returned my phone calls either.
      Irish Gurl in Montana