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Do I have a case? Ohio

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  • Do I have a case? Ohio


    Please let me know if you think I have a case in a civil court.
    I went through a fertility donor treatment program ($$). As result of the program 10 embryos were produced, 7 of which were frozen. According to the doctor, frozen embryos have an 80% chance of surviving the thaw process. However, when this occured (the thawing of the embryos) none (zero) of the embryos survived (they all died). The doctor says nothing wrong was done, but a 0% success rate doesn't sound that way to me.

    If I try to pursue this through the civil court for the embryos ruined, do I have any chance of obtaining monetary compensation?


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    A determination of medical malpractice is very specific to the facts of each case, so no one on a bulletin board can possibly tell you whether or not you have a case. You would need to have all of your records reviewed by a malpractice professional to determine whether any malpractice or negligence took place. You would also want to have any documents you signed reviewed. It's quite possible that there was a disclaimer in the consent form you signed that allowed for the possibility that the procedure could be unsuccessful.
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      Nope, sorry

      Without any hardcore evidence, I don't think that you have a civil case. Even with some evidence, I think it would be a stretch...
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        DutchRudder, please do not reply to old threads. Thanks.
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