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Slander over facebok Pennsylvania

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  • Slander over facebok Pennsylvania

    This is going to be a long one but any help is very much appreciated.

    My family use to rehab horses that were neglected. We stopped in early 2012 due to the expense.
    One of the horses did come back to us because his adopter could no longer take care of him. He was re-homed this summer. We usually check on them every few months, we went to check on him this past weekend and he was not there. Prior to this his adopter was making up a ton of excuses why we could not see him. On Saturday after she started with there was too much snow , my bf and I decided to head down to drive by the property just to see him from the road. He was not there, then on Sunday when we went down and meet the adopter on the property he was not there. She made up an excuse to why h was not there. Monday came we were to go back down on Tuesday to see him. I got a text late Monday afternoon she could not keep him anymore so we made arrangements Tuesday to come pick him up. Tuesday late afternoon she called saying she had him put down Monday night due to colic. She did not send me proper vet information. I was upset. I did not know what to believe she had so many stories. I put an ISO missing horse post on facebook hoping maybe she resold him and he ended up in someone care because a this point I had no proof he was euthanized. I did mention he was in her care and I did later after I was contacted by a boarder on the property that he had not been on the property for a few weeks, I did say she lied to beware of her. Now she says she is bringing me to court for slander and defamation of character.

    Im not saying I was right for posting, I was upset but I have to own up for my actions. Should I get a lawyer now or wait this out. I deleted all post not that they were not screen shot.

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    Once the horse was bought/given to someone else, it is no longer yours. They may do what they want with the horse. Badgering the new owners is inappropriate. It is unclear what the new owners have done to pursue this. Have they actually filed charges for defamation? It sounds like it might be the case. If you are facing court, why wouldn't you consult a lawyer? You can't just wait out a court date.
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      If she has filed suit against you, then you need to get an attorney and mount a defense. If she is just threatening to sue you, it may just blow over.
      I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!


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        You might wait & see if she actually takes you to court. If so, then you will need a lawyer to defend you.
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          I empathize with you. I love horses and I hate it when any are abused. However, once you sell one, it's a done deal. Provided this is no contract saying that you can check up on the horse.

          I suggest you hire a lawyer. Badgering is a bad idea as you can see. Have you retracted the FB comments? If not, do so ASAP.
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