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Obviously If I'm here, I am distraut and frustrated Washington

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  • Obviously If I'm here, I am distraut and frustrated Washington

    Worked at Company for 10 years. Come back for another 10 years as a contractor. Last year I was pushed into another company so I would not have to take the 100 day furlough as an agency contractor. I worked with the same two guys for nearly 20 years in a small lab. Obviously I was doing a good job due to the length of tenure. Two guys are my opposite in character as in they are liberal and I'm not. But again, I kept my mouth shut unless they would start talking about current events then I would chime in. I did not know the principle of the new company I get paid by was good friends with one of the two guys. When I signed his contract I had a verbal yes when I told him I can get deployed on wild land fires in Washington as a volunteer fire fighter, that was the only perk I required. Last August I was deployed with my agency and I notified employer and called him numerous times with him being quite agitated about the deployment. I found a replacement and came home to a guy yelling at me invading my personal space less than 1 foot. I reminded him of his agreement and informed him of protection under Washington state law for deployed fire fighters and also reminded him this isn't a vacation, it's public service at the request of the Governor. So I made up my mind we were done. I go to the internal company manager, who had given me no options of other companies to contract with and said I wanted to drop him and get another. She begged me to stay with him and finish the year for making it easy. I said yes. I had an editorial published in the Columbian newspaper about 3 weeks before being fired and one of my colleagues was approached by a fellow employee and was shown the electronic editorial. He came back and announced he never wanted to go to lunch with me, coffee with me, nothing. Needless to say I was hurt and shocked. Then about 2 weeks later 1 week before my contract ended and I was going to go with the other company, The principal came into my cube and announced my contract was over and I had threatened him and failed to notify him him when I was out sick for two days. Both were lies and Unemployment ruled in my favor wisely so. The principal never issued a statement apparently. NOW, I have had two perfect fit jobs come up which is rare in my narrow field, and I have been passed on by both. One would not give specific feedback, and the other is not returning calls.
    Question1: How or what magic words can I use to get these potential employers to reveal their reason for passing on me.
    Question2: What recourse do I have if this principle is ruining my reputation with potential employers? I have to do something, I'm 58 and I need to go back to work soon.
    Thank you,

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    1. There are no magic words. You may wish to consider engaging the services of a reference-checking service.

    2. An employer is allowed to say anything that it is true or that it has a good faith belief is true when called for a reference check. An employer is allowed to provide their opinion, which you may or may not agree with you. You would have to overcome these presumptions if you wanted to sue or defamation.
    I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!


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      Washington - An employer who discloses information about a former or current
      employee to a prospective employer or employment agency upon request is presumed
      to be acting in good faith and is immune from civil and criminal liability if the disclosed
      information relates to the employee's ability to perform his or her job; the diligence
      with which the employee carries out the job duties; or any illegal or wrongful act of
      the employee when related to his or her job duties. The employer should retain a written record of the identity of the entity or person to which the information is
      disclosed for a period of two years. The record must become part of the employee's
      personnel file and is subject to review by the employee under Washington's
      personnel file law. There is no law requiring employers to give references except that
      on request of a discharged employee, an employer must furnish within 10 working
      days a signed statement setting forth the reasons for such discharge.

      Employers who willfully and maliciously notify a prospective employer of derogatory
      facts about a former employee conceivably could be subject to prosecution under
      the statute that makes "blacklisting" a misdemeanor, although no prosecutions
      under that statute have been recorded for over 80 years.

      Personnel file law: Wash. Rev. Code 49.12.250; Statement on discharge: Wash.
      Admin. Code 296-126-050(3); "Blacklisting": Wash. Rev. Code 49.44.010;
      References: Wash. Rev. Code 4.24.730

      Applies to all employers.
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        As an older worker, I have found that in this job market there is not any guarantee that your perfect job will go to you. 99% of the time is is not your fault, or the fault of a former employer, but the fact that there are 100 other people with just as good of experience applying for that same job. The reason you did not get it is that someone else did. The only thing to do is to keep applying for different jobs. It will click with one hiring manager, and you will be working again.