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Company threatning with Slander Michigan

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  • Company threatning with Slander Michigan

    I live in Michigan. I had been working for a company for nine months now. And a previous employment back in 2008 for 6 months. This company has given me a legal contract stating that if I agree to it, that I lock myself in by never speaking of the company via speech, text, and social media indefinitely. If I did, I could be prosecuted.

    I refused to sign this document and resigned my employment this morning with the employer. My Boss, sent me this text message this morning:

    "I was afraid that you were going to do that. The problem is that you have talked badly about us and our business, We have copies of messages on facebook that you have had with people. That is one reason why we are implementing this. we are really upset about this and has talked to an attorney about it and we can prosecute you for slander based on the proof we have."

    Let me say, that I have never publicly complained about my employer but have talked to one personal friend about harassment problems and other problems that labor relations would not be happy with. Everything I have stated that I could think could be used against me, was very much true statements. I had also had an injury from a employee that inflicted on me while I was working there, and I have photo proof of the injury as well. My question is, is this just a scare tactic or something that could be enforced? I also, have a previous employee who was there for 10 years as a witness to my statements IF they wanted to pursue this legal action.

    My other question is if you complained about a company on a social media site but NEVER stated a company name, location, or industry. is that cause for legal action?
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    Slander cases are very fact specific, and you would be best served by consulting with a local attorney. If you could be linked to the company in other ways, it probably doesn't matter that you didn't specificy the company's name (since it appears that the messages were found anyway). Whether they can or will sue is not something anyone hear can predict.
    I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!


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      If they found the messages then you apparently didn't have the settings correct on your social media account.


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        No, the last question with hypothetical.

        But she is stating that she got a hold of some private messages from this person on facebook that I "talked" to. I never publicly bashed this company. Like I said, the only messages I ever wrote about the company were the harassment problems I endured there. Which is not slander. It was facts. My question is if someone made a fake profile, and said some nasty things, can they file this lawsuit against me?


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          Originally posted by emd1230 View Post
          No, the last question with hypothetical.

          My question is if someone made a fake profile, and said some nasty things, can they file this lawsuit against me?
          Anyone with $24 (or whatever the filing fee is in your world) can file a lawsuit. As Marketeer points out, slander suits are very fact specific, and no one can predict the odds of a litigant prevailing. If you think it's a real possibility, you should consult with counsel for your specific circumstances.


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            Okay, thank you for the help


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              The company can, legally, tell future employers who call them that you were termed for badmouthing the company. Employees often don't realize the freedom to talk works both ways.