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co worker perjured himself Iowa

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  • co worker perjured himself Iowa

    Just got done with a trial and I had a co-worker commit perjury on the stand. He even won a special spot on the jury instruction where the told the jury that they could or could not believe anything he said because his story flipped 180 degrees. My attorney didnt do anything (a complete different story) and the Distric judge didn't do anything. My question; can I file a suit against him and if so would it be a small claims suit (5000 or less in Iowa) or should I hire a attorney to go after him? Yes, he does not like me and has stated under oath that he wishes my employer would fire me. Or do I go to the county attorney and ask for charges to be filed (in Iowa it is a felony)?

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    How about just sitting back and see if anyone with a law degree gets him.

    It has been proven that he is a liar and a scoundrel. Get as far away from him as possible. The fact that he is mad at you, and proven to be what he is, makes you look good. Leave well enough alone.