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manager made statement to client about my employment NC

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  • manager made statement to client about my employment NC

    I was recently asked to leave my post due to the owner's perception I was billing for hours I did not work. My pay sheets are hand written and turned into a manager. He has to approve the billing sessions prior to it going to payroll. He never questioned me about any client on my sheets (he approved them) - the owner never asked me any questions about the clients sessions. (They audited me and then issued a check) They just accused me of stealing. I asked for the names of the clients they said I billed for and shouldn't have. They refused to give me the names. During the disciplinary meeting they asked me my marital status b/c they "heard" I was kissing someone outside of work that was not my spouse. There is not an ethics clause in my employment agreement. I am not married and I was not kissing anyone (not relevant but aggravating). 3 Days after my last day my manager then told a former client of mine that I was fired for being a thief and he was saving her from me (his statement was caught on tape). She wanted to cancel her sessions and he was trying to convince her to work with him. This particular client was never one in question about billing hours. During our last meeting they refused to listen to me about any issue (I had no opportunity to defend myself). They also did not have any paperwork for me to sign stating they were terminating me for any reason The last comment made was that we agree to just part ways. (we simply agreed to part ways as I was not happy working there). I still don't know if I was fired or we both agreed to part ways. Do I have a case?

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    Duplicate post
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      I know it is a duplicate I was informed that this was a more appropriate area rather than employment law b/c it dealt with slander. Just looking for advice before I pursue it with a local attorney.


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        Responders - please refer to this thread already started & replied to so we don't have duplicate threads.

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