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Too many pokers in my fire can anyone please someone help! Illinois

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  • Too many pokers in my fire can anyone please someone help! Illinois

    First off I have multiple facets of my case & I do not know if I can air them all out there. But I have to start somewhere so lets start with the WC lawyer I signed with. This gentleman was very amicable on our first meeting when he came to my house. After that we talked a total of 3 times all phones call I initiated. The last call he told me he had to put my case before an arbitrator & I said go ahead! I want my day in court. Well after almost a year later I sent him a letter asking where have you been?, what is going on with my case? you haven't apparently even been looking at my case if I am contacting you a year later ETC. Well he go pissed and told me to find some one else or simply take the $1000.00 offer from the insurance company. I have almost given up I hurt my back Again! but this time it was severe enough my doctor of 25 years sent me to a surgeon who said we had to operate immediately. So we did & I wound up having 100 times worse pain than before the operation. Almost 2 years ago now and I still take 150 mg. of Kadian every day. Should I try another lawyer? Seems they are not in it here in Illinois to help the victims. Only themselves and the insurance companies.

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    A lawyer is rarely going to call you. If you want something to happen with your claim, then you need to tell them that. It would be unethical for them to act without you doing so.

    Is the 1K offered for the first accident or the second? What were the accidents? Have you filed a formal claim in any of these cases? How long has it been since the first claim was active?
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      Too many pokers in my fire can anyone please someone help!

      ElleMD. I hear you, however when the lawyer said he was going to bring the case up before an arbitrator and would have to get it put on the calendar, I would have thought a few months at the very latest. But after a year went by and nothing at all I was left confused and alone. Over time many things at the job have happened to me since signing with this advocate I chose to uphold and fight for my rights. When I finally sent him a letter of complaint about his lack of action he tells me to take a hike. My case? Well sop far it has never gone to arbitration! Nothing has changed at all.

      The $1000.00 offer was the first. My lawyer told me it was because I had back problems in the past we did not disclose to him. Prpoblems both my wife and I had explained to him on our very first meeting which he is now denying.

      ElleMD I can tell you this, since my neck injury in 2000, the lawyers have not been there for me. The Doctors have screwed me up so bad, I am almost a complete physical wreck. The medications keep the agonizing pain some what at bay. It is pretty sad that at 54 years old I cannot enjoy life any more. You might think so, but it is not true. To be in the kind of pain I have been enduring every day of my life after all these so called fixes. Is so much more than any one person should be expected to live through. Yet I have no where or no one to turn to, no one to trust now in either profession. I keep on putting one foot in front of the other & hope future complications do not incapacitate me any further. Don't know were to turn, & don't know who to trust.


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        You have been offered $1000 to settle. That is not even enough to be "nuisance value." What it tells me is that your case is terrible. That is why you are having trouble with the lawyer. He can't change the facts and give you a good case. You want a big chunk of his time on a case that does not appear to be worthwhile.

        Sorry, but that is the economics of law practice.

        Good luck.
        Bob Bollinger, Attorney
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          Bob, could I ask you please to watch the dates? This one is from back in August.
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