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Legal Malpractice California

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  • Legal Malpractice California

    Terminated by a ca school district. Filed a Writ of Mandate to a Superior Court where the Judge Granted the Writ but gave the case back to the School Board to reconsider there termination decision. was terminated again.

    Found out that to be able to appeal and file a law suit against the district I was to have had a Government Tort 910 filed within 6 months to a year after my case was over. My attorney did not file this Tort and said that it wasen't needed at the time and said he told us that we could not file a lawsuit which is false. I was told it was legal malpractice.

    Anybody with an legal answer would be appreciated.

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    Have fun finding another atty to sue him-


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      I would start by reporting him to your state bar association.
      Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

      I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

      Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law.


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        Thanks. That is what I am going to do. I have talked to an attorney who told me to write my former attorney and inform him of his mistake and how he would like to handle it. He did respond and lied that he told me that I could not file a law suit. Because of a conflict of interest the attorney who advised me can't help me so I am looking for another attorney to file a law suit against him.
        It's going to be tough to find an attorney who can work on contingency but I will find one.


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          Maybe I might, sue the attorney in small claims court, no attorney needed there.
          If anything that will waste their time like mine was wasted. (lying attorneys don't like swearing under oath)

          Also, I might file a complaint with the local bar association.

          If anything next time I would get it in the contract, that the attorney will pay all damages for not filing in a timely matter or misfiling documents or for any other mistakes they might make on presentment of a bill.

          I believe I read somewhere, the #1 reason good cases are lost is because the attorney's failed to file documents timely. (Go Figure)
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            I have allready filed complaints with the California State Bar and have been notified that they are now looking into the complaints. In the meantime I am waiting to be contacted by an attorney in filing a suit for Legal Malpractice. I am now using the pre=paid legal system so they are finding me possible attorneys.

            This is kind of funny is that I was advised by a pre-paid legal service attorney for a big firm in Los Angeles where this attorney told me to write my former attorney and ask him how he would like to handle his mistake to his malpractice insurer. This attrorney was hell bent on his malpractice but the next time I spoke to this attorney I was told that she could not help me anymore because of a conflict of interest. Apparently this firm represented my former attorney, Go figure!