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Can I sue my real estate agent?

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  • Can I sue my real estate agent?

    Sid wrote:
    I recently sold my house in the SF-Bay area a couple of months back when the market was red hot. I listed my house for a little less than the price I really wanted to sell it for, in the hope of getting multiple offers. However inspite of the hot housing market, I got only a single offer at exactly my list price. My agent told me that since it was a full priced offer, I was obliged to sell it. I went through with the sale only to later find out that I could have made a counter offer asking the buyer for an extra $$$$. My real estate agent misled me and did not explain the possibilities. I was fooled out of my house and did not get a fair price. Every other sale in my neighborhood was above the asking price by at least $5000.
    I'd check to see if the house was in multiple listings. Some brokers
    don't list them right away, trying to keep the sale in house, earning
    themselves a double commission. If the broker did that, you not only
    could go after him, but you should.

    If it was actually in MLS, and the buyer made an offer not only for
    the full price asked but for all the other terms you asked for without
    contingencies, you will probably not be able to get much, if anything,
    from the broker.
    Can I take action against my agent saying that he misled me into selling my house at just the asking price?
    Probably not if that's the only fact there is. You might be able to
    get him for malpractice, though, for listing it either too high or too
    low. You'd have to talk to another broker about that. But my guess
    is you won't get too far on this basis.


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    How much of real estate sale is "sales" and how much is based on properties?
    I am interested in a career in real state but I am not the pushy sales type (I've worked in car sales and hated bugging people to buy when it wasn't what they needed or wanted). How much of real estate sales is based on your aggressive sales skills and how much is due to the property and understanding what your customer wants of needs?
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      Mario, the original post is five years old. We ask that you not reply to posts that are not current.
      I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!