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so totally confused that I do not know where to begin. Mississippi

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  • so totally confused that I do not know where to begin. Mississippi

    I work as a paramedic. I work rural ems so I work 48 hour shifts. I have a steady rotation that is 48 hours on and 96 hours off. This results in two pay periods that have 96 hours in a two week period, and one pay period that has 144 hours in a third. What we commonly refer to as two shorts and a long in my industry. I got injured in April. Since I only work two days, and by that I mean 48 hours, true two days, not 16 hrs as most of the working world knows two days, they are jacking my workers comp around ALOT. They are supposed to pay me, by their company policy, every week. I get checks on average every two weeks for one weeks 2/3 pay because they examined my schedule. They are trying to tell me I only work ten days a month and paying me at 8 hours a day, ten days a month. I don't know what to do here. I am being short changed about three quarters of a months pay from this and I am furious.

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    Are you on TTD?

    Who is "supposed to pay you?" Is the company still paying you to avoid a lost time claim, or are you being paid through Worker's Comp Insurance?


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      If you are being paid TTD the number of hours you work means absolutely nothing . The rate is based on how much you actually make, not the hours you work or would have worked. TTD is only 2/3 of your average weekly wage. 99% of the time, delays in getting those checks are because of delays in the doctor's notes certifying you need to be off work.
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