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Grocery Story Shopping Cart Attendant Accident - Oregon

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  • Grocery Story Shopping Cart Attendant Accident - Oregon

    My wife was driving 5 mph through the Winco parking lot in Clackamas, Oregon, looking for a parking spot. She passed the cart return area and, as she was doing so, was struck in the back portion of her SUV by a store employee driving 20-30 shopping carts. He was using one of those remote controlled cart machines.

    The store employee claimed he never saw her because of a large truck parked right to the side of the cart return, and then when he did see her, he didn't have time to stop.

    The carts hit near the rear wheel well on our SUV (see attached image.)

    Winch's insurance is claiming 50% fault, but said my wife should have tried to avoid him. The damage doesn't look bad, but it is estimated at over $1000. Who do you think is at fault?

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    Did she report the accident to her ins. co.? Any motor vehicle accident should be reported to your own ins. co. no matter who you believe is at fault. Your ins. co. will get with the other ins. co. & determine fault for ins. purposes.
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      I'd take a chance on just telling them you are giving it to your own insurance company to handle, and they can explain how it's 50% fault to their lawyers. My guess is they will give in and pay it out, because "your wife should have tried to avoid him" is bull. If they don't cave, proceed with notifying your own insurance and let them fight it out.