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Do you think I have a case? Utah

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  • Do you think I have a case? Utah

    In April of 2013 I had surgery on my shoulder. I was also going through a divorce. My then wife claimed I hit her about a month later. She went to the police station and filed a report. They came to my house to arrest me. Now I was acquitted and come to find out I never should I been arrested since her claim didn't meet the requirement for arrest. (bodily injury, in the presence of an officer, probable cause). So when they started to arrest me, they were obviously rough and then handcuffed me behind my back. Which was painful to say the least. Like I said I was aquitted and not only that, my lawyer got the arresting officer to pretty much admit he arrested me illegally. Well I have been in pain ever since and my range of motion has been limited. I assumed this was due rehabilitation and the natural healing process. But its over a year later and while at the gym I really feel it and it limits me severely. I haven't had a doctor check it out again. But other than that, do you think I have a case, should I sue?

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    Since you have a lawyer, why not ask him? Your chances are slim, but your attorney can best advise what recourse you might have more than a year later.
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      Agree that from what you posted, your changes are most likely slim re having a case. However, you are certainly free to talk to a lawyer.
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