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  • A Judgement-what is it exactly Pennsylvania

    Will they suspend your license if you have a judgement against you for a car accident?
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    Originally posted by rear-ended View Post
    Will they suspend your license if you have a judgement against you for a car accident?
    Usually no; as long as you had insurance on the vehicle (where applicable) a valid license, and paid the ticket/fines if you were ticketed.

    Were you sued for damages by the victim and failed to show at the hearing?
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      If a judgment rendered against you resulted from a motor vehicle accident and you were driving without valid insurance, some states will suspend your driver's license. You can contact the Motor Vehicle Licensing Division of your state government to see what the procedure is in your state. Did you have insurance?
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        They aren't going to take his license. Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. People do dumb things. That is why there is insurance. If he wasn't cited by the police he isn't going to lose his license in a civil suit from you. That just isn't at issue.
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          A judgment in a civil case is an order to pay damages.