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Car accident in a parking lot Arizona

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  • Car accident in a parking lot Arizona

    Three weeks ago, I went to the kindergarten to pick up my son. When I was parking, the truck on the right parking place pulled out and hit me. Actully, when I was pulling in, the truck was standing still. The driver apparently did not see me, he pulled out and hit the back of my passenger's side.

    This is the first time I had an accident with somebody. I didn't know what to do. We called the police. About 2 hours later, the police came over, but refused to file a report, because it happened in a private property. Then we exchanged insurance information, and left (I even did not ask his contact information. How stupid I was!).

    Then I filed a claim to my insurance. The two insurance companies did some procedures. Then his insurance called and said it is 100% my fault. The other party lied to his insurance, saying he was driving forward when the accident happend (he actually drove backward). His insurance just took his word since there is no police report, nor witness.

    I am really upset. He didn't apologize to me. Then he lied. I did not fall into an argument with him because this is the first time I had an accident (I didn't know what to do), and this happened in the parking lot of my son's school (I do not want to get into argument with a parent or some related person). It turned out the driver is the son of the head of the kindergarten. But it seems that person does not care. He totally lied. The damage is about 1200 dollars.

    What shall I do next?

    What do people normally do when an accident happens-- to protect yourself from being wronged? Will most witnesses (if there are any) give their contact information and testify for you?

    Thanks in advance for any reply.
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    The damage on his truck should prove that you are right. Normally, after an accident you exchange driver's license info, address/phone etc. When I was a bus driver we had an "accident kit" that had a form with all the questions on it , and a sketch to fill in to demonstrate how the accident occurred, and witness cards to give to witnesses to fill out. It comes in handy when you're not thinking clearly after an accident. It's also good to keep a disposible camera in your car just in case, that way you can take pictures of the damage to your car AND theirs (they might claim additional damage).

    Now that it's after the fact, let them know that he's lying and demand receipts for repairs that show where the damage to his truck was. Also, did you get a card or ID info from the officer that showed up? They should have written up something in their log even if they didn't file an official report.
    I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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      Thanks for the reply. His truck was not damaged. I didn't see any, maybe a tiny tiny dent if there is. My car had damage of about $1200. The adjustor of my insurance company sent an appraisor who took pictures of my car. My insurance company paid me the rest except the deductible. But my insurance has not told me whose fault this is.

      The insurance of the other party claimed I was 100% wrong. For me the insurance company is apparently avoiding payment. Nobody from that insurance came over to see the damage of my car. Somebody just called me and asked what happened. I truthfully told the situation. I could feel his agent was not happy and patient. Someday later the agent notified me that I was 100% wrong, based on the other party--his client's lying.

      I don't remember the police officer's ID and I do not know if he wrote down anything in his log or not. Will that possibly help?

      He talked to the policeman first. I told the police what happened. It seemed he did not want to listen and did not care. He just told us to exchange information.

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