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  1. If you have a Fl. property with a 1st & 2nd Mortgage about to go into foreclosure What is the position of the second mortgage Co. / equity finance co.?
    * What If someone signed the mortgage and not he note
    * What if they signed both
    * can they come after the person on a personal basis and not just the property for the security
    * If someone has put his assets in an LLC in a different State can they still go after it or them for payment? (such as primary residence & paid off cars etc…)
    * If they put the assets in a trust can they still go after it or them for payment?
    * If they put the contents of the LLC in their Trust can they find it and still go after it or them for payment (such as houses & paid off cars...etc...)
    * If so what could one do to protect their assets???
    * If their primary residence is in a reverse mortgage can they go after any equity that they may have in the property? ( what if their primary residence is in an LLC??? Can they still find it and can they still get the equity from it to pay the mortgage and or second equity loan???)
    * what if the primary residence is in an LLC name & in a reverse mortgage in NM, can they still go after the equity from it?
    * If the 2nd can go past the house as collateral can they get a judgment?
    * If so how do they find ones assets?
    * What can they make one do with a judgment?
    * What limitations / Exemption in NM are there to protect us?
    * What about a direct deposit of SS. Can they take the money out of your checking account or put a freeze on it?
    Please reply to [email protected]
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