View Full Version : Legal age of a adult has been passed to 18 now!!! Alabama

10-07-2006, 08:05 PM
In Alabama as of September 22, 2006 the bill as been passed that the legal age of an adult is 18 now!!! I have no idea when it actually gets put in the system but, it is 18 now. Unfortunatly we went to get my stepdaughter whom turned 18 the 24th. We talked to so many law enforcements there and they all said it was 18 before it actually was and when we got there, we got a cop that said she can't move out without her mother's permission until she was 21!!!! So, without court papers you have to cross your fingers you get the right cop!!!

So, if we went to the courts here in Florida I am thinking they are going to think we are crazy trying to get an emergency modification of custody when the legal age is 18 and I am not sure they would do it. So, we have no clue as to what to do now. I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, I did want everyone to know the law has been passed and that the age in Alabama has changed to 18. :) Thank you to everyone for trying to help.

TEX and Alabam EX
10-17-2006, 05:56 PM
ARE YOU SURE???????? I can't find it anywhere.
Please provide a website source!!!!

Praise GOD!!!!!! if its correct.

10-18-2006, 12:20 PM
first of all, the cops that told you 21 were wrong. The age of majority in Alabama was 19. I will try to find more information on whether or not the bill passed, but if I recall correctly, the bill failed.

10-18-2006, 09:54 PM
Ok here it is but, let me warn you it may still do no good it didn't for us. And, also read carefully it doesn't affect child support from what I understand.

The bill is HB64, there is a companion bill to it SB198. It has been amended as of 9/23/06 but, I don't know when it goes into the system butttttttttttt, if you want to look up the section it is 26-1-1 let me check real quick.............


I sure hope I don't get in trouble for including these websites but, I have seen others doing it. But, anyway on the above site at the bottom you will see that the bill has been amended. Also, on the below site if you follow his directions you will see that the age was lowered to 18 but, to look it up in the codes of Alabama it is not official yet and I have no idea when it does come official but, at least the age is lowered. But, no matter it is who you talk to up there, she could have been 19 we wouldn't have been able to get her without going to court. It is ridiculous!!! Good Luck :)

10-20-2006, 05:06 PM
My question is: did the governor sign the bill?

As I said, I believe the bills failed. The senate bill was in January 2006 and the House Judiciary met in February 2006. I know that as of June 2006, the age of majority was still 19.

If the senate bill had passed it would have gone into effect sometime in March or April after the governor signed it.

10-20-2006, 05:48 PM
I think I have some papers on it that we made copies of to get my stepdaughter. I will look at them and get back to you.:)

Richard Hodge
01-24-2007, 01:16 PM
Does anyone have any concrete information on whether the bill to lower the age of majority to 18 in Alabama actually passed and became law? Or is it still 19?

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