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  1. Michigan Labor Law Posters
  2. Michigan Attention Employees Labor Law Poster
  3. Michigan Safety And Health Protection On The Job Labor Law Poster
  4. Michigan General Rules Labor Law Poster
  5. Michigan Law PROHIBITS DISCRIMINATION Labor Law Poster
  6. Michigan Right To Know Labor Law Poster
  7. Michigan Minimum Wage Labor Law Poster
  8. Michigan Notice To All Employees Labor Law Poster
  9. Michigan Posting Requirement Labor Law Poster
  10. Michigan Wage Hour Division, Wage Deviation Labor Law Poster
  11. Mandatory Lunch Breaks- Michigan
  12. takeback overpayment more then 6 months
  13. FMLA - Lay off?
  14. What is considered a work week?
  15. Michigan Law Regarding Charge Backs???
  16. Getting fired for Discrimination
  17. Michigan law regarding springing a mandatory work day
  18. I'm 17, and I want to move out.......
  19. Mandatory Staff Meeting at a Charitable Event??
  20. Michigan: little or no hours
  21. KayD
  22. Laws in Michigan on Unapid Lunches
  23. No Check
  24. Michigan On call
  25. Breaks In Mi
  26. i need help with this one!!!
  27. Tip pooling
  28. compensation for mileage
  29. Michigan Mandatory On-Call Question
  30. Can I be held responsible for Employers bills
  31. Commission Charge-Backs
  32. Being paid for Mandatory Meetings
  33. Being paid for Mandatory Meetings
  34. 2 week notice pay after resignation
  35. Is a waiter liable for a $300 tab if restaurant patron walks out without paying?
  36. Michigan law for hours a day worked
  37. I was fired and was not notified
  38. Salaried manager in Michigan
  39. hourly rate decrease
  40. safe or hostile free work enviornment
  41. smoking laws
  42. Qualified for the position?
  43. not being hired cause i have a felony
  44. Got shafted by employer on Vacation
  45. How long can I work and still drive?
  46. Mandatory Break Times
  47. Layoff and accrued vacation/sick time
  48. Demotion-pay stays
  49. How Much Info Do the NEED?????
  50. Michigan dating...
  51. Workers Compensation
  52. Employee File Requirements/Penalties
  53. Michigan Layoff Laws
  54. Vehicle Milage Compensation (MI)
  55. Holiday Pay(MI)
  56. Workmen's comp problem!
  57. Reporting employer to IRS for tax fraud - MI
  58. Review + Raises + MI
  59. Mandatory meetings and not getting paid for them. Michigan
  60. Driving time for business trip considered working hours, and overtime??
  61. Retaliation of Going to my Boss's Boss
  62. Termination question
  63. holiday pay
  64. Change in posted schedule-Michigan
  65. Paycheck/termination question - Michigan
  66. Is this legal???
  67. Keep final check??
  68. So Confused Could Use Some Help
  69. Is this wrong for her age?
  70. Employer overpaid FMLA
  71. fast food inquiry
  72. Michigan Overtime Question
  73. Michigan Overtime Question
  74. Holiday Pay (Michigan)
  75. Employee Evaluations
  76. Wording in lay off letter MI
  77. vacation time vs. short term disability in MI.
  78. Personal time usage
  79. double time on sundays in michigan
  80. laid off can i sue
  81. Fired for wearing my jacket outside
  82. Can she return to work?
  83. total compensation statements
  84. michigan. injured, not allowed back to work on restriction. someone replaced me
  85. paying for my own check
  86. sexual harassment at school
  87. forced to take lunches
  88. Many Questions about Michigan laws
  89. Can Salary Be Cut For Missed Days?
  90. Termination while on FMLA/short term disability
  91. Please Advise
  92. MI co in Ch11 - liable for unused vacation??
  93. injured while under doctors restrictions
  94. 2 week notice
  95. Paycheck Not Received
  96. Phones/Eavesdropping
  97. is this harassment
  98. Unemployment Fraud?? Michigan
  99. Michigan Paycheck bounced need advice
  100. Forced meetings without compensation
  101. No paycheck AGAIN
  102. Wage Related...
  103. Child labor mandatory breaks?
  104. Am i technicaly fired?
  105. Bathroom Breaks -- Michigan
  106. Alternative method of qualifying-unemployment?
  107. Help! Disability Overpayment? Should I sign? MI
  108. non compete new company
  109. Harrassed in Michigan?
  110. 4-hour minimum in MI
  111. Forced to resign early because of approved vacation time
  112. work restriction after surgery
  113. Necessity of 2 week notice in Michigan?
  114. Sleeping in the restroom
  115. Michigan vacation/sick time
  116. Michigan drive time
  117. michigan lunch break
  118. Hostile Work Environment
  119. Michigan Per Diem
  120. Paid Training
  121. Forced to work when not on schedule!
  122. Maximum hours worked per day
  123. Paid orientation time
  124. Am I entitled to the commission?
  125. Are employers with few employees not required to follow the law?
  126. A couple of questions about job applications
  127. Harassment in Michigan
  128. Michigan Employer Required To Provide Check Stub
  129. Michigan Min Wage
  130. Michigan Policy & procedure Manual
  131. michigan law regarding policy & procedure manual??
  132. Question regarding Michigan's new minimum wage laws.
  133. Fixing mistakes on my time
  134. When do I get paid?
  135. Personal Time Off (Michigan)
  136. Calling in sick after a heart attack with chest pains
  137. Holding Paycheck
  138. secret recording of employer in Michigan
  139. Michigan min wage increase include tipped emplyoyees?
  140. Is my Employer able to tell me what i can and cant do after work
  141. hostile
  142. Is there any laws in michigan for the worker ?
  143. Breaks
  144. STD on maternity leave
  145. Need Info Please
  146. HELP!!!! Was a law broken??
  147. Workers comp needed in Michigan?
  148. Unfair treatment- Michigan
  149. Can I get unemployment?
  150. Would legal action against this slander case help, realistically?
  151. Termination while on disability?
  152. Avoiding Overtime Pay
  153. Adjusting Declared Tips
  154. Overtime same week as paid holiday
  155. Personal Information Laws-Michigan
  156. doctors note for taking 1 sick day
  157. Vacation day versus Personal Day
  158. Past Medical Deductions: Michigan
  159. Hostile Work Environment
  160. overtime exempt?
  161. Final Paycheck Michigan
  162. Unused Vacation pay Michigan
  163. paying time
  164. paying time
  165. Michigan harassment issues
  166. Michigan - Laid Off after requesting FMLA
  167. can boss fired you under the right to quit
  168. Michigan travel distance
  169. Severance offsets/unemployment benefits--MI
  170. Working as a temp. in Michigan
  171. Securing Confidential Information (Michigan)
  172. 2 week's notice/compensation (?)
  173. What to do? MI
  174. Does full time have to mean getting benefits?
  175. Mechanic flat rate pay and overtime
  176. Did I lose my Unemployment Appeals case???
  177. Youth law
  178. Michigan Non-Compete
  179. Lunch Breaks-Michigan
  180. lunch breaks
  181. Michigan Rework
  182. It Just Doesn't Seem Right
  183. required breaks? part time employees over 18
  184. Michigan- Background check after 8 years of employment
  185. Can I get paid for unused vacation when I quit? Michigan
  186. Michigan
  187. few employees no rules apply Michigan
  188. Is denying breaks an illegal act? Michigan
  189. PTO Benefits Michigan
  190. PTO Benefits Michigan Michigan
  191. National Holidays Michigan
  192. Mandatory arbitration policy? Michigan
  193. confused on sick labor laws Michigan
  194. Changing someone's hourly wage without explanation Michigan
  195. Unpaid Sales Commission - MI Michigan
  196. Wage Discount Via Unemploment Laws Michigan
  197. Unemployment Comp Claim Michigan
  198. "Fired" for refusing to be involved in autofraud / IRS fraud! Michigan Michigan
  199. New To MI Michigan
  200. Payroll deductions without consent Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
  201. CASE for Publicity without Pay Michigan
  202. Non Profit illegal employee policies???
  203. Non Profit illegal employee policies??? Michigan
  204. Wage compensation - Tipped employee
  205. Demoted after inquiring about FMLA Michigan
  206. Questions about happenings at my job Michigan
  207. Secrety Audio and Video taping in office Michigan
  208. Fired because I wouldn't drive illegal! Michigan
  209. Position Eliminated - Other Job Offered Michigan
  210. Working in the heat Michigan Michigan
  211. Final pay after resignation Michigan
  212. Injured over Holidays, and lost my weeks pay Michigan
  213. Sick days Michigan
  215. No laws for mandatory breaktimes, but? Michigan
  216. break requirements
  217. Fired while in hospital in surgey, due to work injury unable to return to work withi, Michigan
  218. Job Qualification Michigan
  219. Mandatory overtime Michigan
  220. Working out of State Michigan
  221. how many days? Michigan
  222. Overtime pay Michigan
  223. Employer Put incorrect Starting date in Filling H1b Michigan
  224. Overtime qualification or just shady books Michigan
  225. Docking PTO from salaried employee Michigan
  226. Changing my pay Michigan
  227. Working Thru Lunch Massachusetts Michigan
  228. Overtime Michigan
  229. can my manager get in trouble? Michigan
  230. After 2 years gave me 20% pay cut Michigan
  231. idle since 3 months Michigan
  232. bathroom breaks Michigan
  233. unexpected overnight travel Federal Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan
  234. All alone in the sotre Michigan
  235. empoyers sending empoyee's home early Michigan
  236. reviews, promotions and raises....HELLP!! Michigan
  237. 2-Wks. Resignation Given-Employee records state Termination w/o notice to employe
  238. 16 year old hours Michigan
  239. Fired on Payday.... Owners Gain Michigan
  240. Can they withhold my paycheck Michigan
  241. Termination Inquiry ,Michigan
  242. 40 hrs + w/ no benefits Michigan
  243. Lunch pay Michigan
  244. Termination and pay Michigan
  246. Working 'Off the Clock', Hourly Employee Michigan
  247. Michigan Wage & Benefit question
  248. Unpaid sales commisions Michigan
  250. Corporate Mileage reimbursement depends on manager/department?? Michigan
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