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  1. Where can I find Court addresses and phone numbers for the Northern District. Texas
  2. Is a fee required to file a bankruptcy? Texas
  3. Is there a tutorial or class that I and my staff may take? Texas
  4. Are paralegals allowed to take the debtor attorney class? Texas
  5. How do I become a registered ECF user? Texas
  6. What type of hardware/software do I need to be able to use ECF? Texas
  7. How do I find out if someone has filed a bankruptcy case? Texas
  8. How do I file a claim in a bankruptcy case? Texas
  9. How do I file my own bankruptcy? Texas
  10. Where do you download the necessary forms needed for filing? Texas
  11. How to do electronic signatures? Texas
  12. How do I change my address in ECF? Texas
  13. What do I do if my login and password do not work? Texas
  14. If you still have a mortgage on your home can the mortgage lender take your home? Texas
  15. What do you mean: if claim is subject to setoff? Texas
  16. JamieL. Texas
  17. What is the Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF)? Texas
  18. What are the benefits and features of using CM/ECF? Texas
  19. Can any member of the public use CM/ECF to file documents with a court? Texas
  20. Can the general public view CM/ECF cases and the documents in those cases? Texas
  21. Since access is limited to authorized attorneys, is there any way for pro se filers? Texas
  22. What hardware/software is needed on the attorney's end to use CM/ECF? Texas
  23. What is Adobe Acrobat? Texas
  24. How is payment of filing fees handled for CM/ECF cases? Texas
  25. How is the requirement of an original signature handled for CM/ECF cases? Texas
  26. Can an attorney add new attorneys to the database? Texas
  27. Can an attorney authorize someone in the attorney's office? Texas
  28. What attorney do if the documents they are filing are not listed in the pick list? Texas
  29. How long will it take to transmit lengthy documents? Texas
  30. What happens if a document is filed in error? Texas
  31. What about court generated documents that require certification? Texas
  32. What are the primary types of bankruptcy relief which are available? Texas
  33. Are there any requirements I must meet before I can file for bankruptcy relief? Texas
  34. If I file for bankruptcy, will it stop an eviction? Texas
  35. Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy and can you recommend one? Texas
  36. To whom should I send my Chapter 13 plan payments? Texas
  37. If I am an individual debtor how long after filing bankruptcy will I issued discharge Texas
  38. How do I get a copy of my discharge order? Texas
  39. Where can I obtain the forms needed to file bankruptcy? Texas
  40. Can you help me fill out the forms needed to file bankruptcy? Texas
  41. Can I pay my filing fee in installments? Texas
  42. Can the filing fee ever be waived? Texas
  43. Do I need to send a copy of the petition to anyone else? Texas
  44. What is a creditor matrix? Texas
  45. What if I need to make changes to the creditor matrix after the filing of the case? Texas
  46. Can a husband and wife file together? Texas
  47. How do I determine whether I am listed as a creditor in a specific case? Texas
  48. A person or entity has filed for bankruptcy and owes me money. What can I do? Texas
  49. How many copies of a proof of claim do I need to file? Texas
  50. What are the office hours of the Office of the Bankruptcy Clerk? Texas
  51. What is an Unsecured Priority Claim? Texas
  52. What are the federal holidays? Texas
  53. What is the National Creditor Registration Service? Texas
  54. How do I obtain information on a case? Texas
  55. How far back do your computerized records go? Texas
  56. How can I receive notices electronically from the Court? Texas
  57. What is a "first meeting of creditors" (or 341 meeting)? Texas
  58. Where are 341 meetings conducted in this district? Texas
  59. As an attorney, who must I contact in order to be admitted to practice? Texas
  60. What is the Office of the United States Trustee and what is its role? Texas
  61. May I speak directly to the bankruptcy judge? Texas
  62. How do the roles of the U.S. Trustee and the case trustee differ? Texas
  63. How will I know if an order has been signed? Texas
  64. Will you fax copies of documents to me upon request?[ Texas
  65. How does my motion get presented to the bankruptcy judge? Texas
  66. Are there particular rules which govern the filing of a motion? Texas
  67. What if I am told that the case in which I am interested has been sent to archives? Texas
  68. May I fax my pleadings to the Clerk's office for filing? Texas
  69. How may I obtain a certified copy of a document? Texas
  70. How do I seek particular relief from the Court (i.e. what is a "motion")? Texas
  71. What does a charge off mean.... Texas
  72. removing bankruptcy from credit report in Texas Texas
  73. Question of $ gift during procedings Texas
  74. Gifts during bankrupcy, child support, too Texas
  75. What options do I have with an ARM rising in Ch 13? Texas
  76. question about repo (first time) in texas Texas
  77. collection of property judgement Texas
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