View Full Version : Utah Bankruptcy Law

  1. What is the Case Management/Electronic case file (CM/ECF) project? Utah
  2. What are the benefits and features of using ECF? Utah
  3. What Courts are currently using CM/ECF? Utah
  4. Who developed CM/ECF? Utah
  5. When will CM/ECF be available for attorneys to file electronically? Utah
  6. What Hardware/Software is needed on the attorney's end to use ECF? Utah
  7. What is Adobe Acrobat and PDF? Utah
  8. How is payment of filing fees handled for ECF cases? Utah
  9. How is the requirement of an original signature (attorney and/or debtor) handled for Utah
  10. Can attorney authorize someone the attorney's office touse login name&password to ECF
  11. How can I obtain current information and updates regarding the CM/ECF Project? Utah
  12. What ECF training and support is available for attorneys and others in their offices. Utah
  13. How does it work? Utah
  14. Can the general public view ECF cases and the documents in those cases? Utah
  15. Can any member of the public use ECF to file documents? Utah
  16. How does an attorney become an authorized CM/ECF user?
  17. Will local rules be in place to establish procedures for electronic filing? Utah
  18. What about exhibits? Utah
  19. Will there be any paper follow-up? Utah
  20. How will CM/ECF handle the filing of bulk routine motions or other actions in multipl Utah
  21. Can corrections be made if a document is improperly docketed? Utah
  22. How many users can submit documents at once? Utah
  23. How many users can view an image at once? Utah
  24. How will docket entries be identified (as to the creator of the entry)? Utah
  25. Is there a limit to the size of documents filed? Utah
  26. How are sealed records handled? Utah
  27. How do I obtain certified copies? Utah
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