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  1. How do I find out if a party has filed a bankruptcy petition? Pennsylvania
  2. How do I obtain a proof of claim form? Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
  3. Is the claims bar date for government agencies the same as for other creditors? Pennsylvania
  4. What are the bankruptcy fees for filing documents? Pennsylvania
  5. How can I obtain copies of documents? Pennsylvania
  6. How can I access court dockets by computer? Pennsylvania
  7. How do I order transcripts of court hearings? Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
  8. Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy? Pennsylvania
  9. How do I file for Relief from the Automatic Stay? Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
  10. How do I find out who the trustee is in a case? Pennsylvania
  11. How do I get certified copies of documents? Pennsylvania
  12. How do I obtain case information? Pennsylvania
  13. How do I obtain a copy of my discharge? Pennsylvania
  14. How do I participate in a case pro hac vice? Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
  15. How long does a bankruptcy remain on my credit report? Pennsylvania
  16. What are the federal holidays? Pennsylvania
  17. What if the case I'm interested in is closed or archived? Pennsylvania
  18. What is a Bankruptcy Discharge? Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
  19. Does a chapter 7 discharge order entered after the death of the debtor have to refere Pennsylvania
  20. What is a section 341(a) meeting of creditors? Pennsylvania
  21. What is a motion? Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
  22. In an adversary proceeding, is there a filing fee for a third-party complaint? Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
  23. What is the difference between Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13? Pennsylvania
  24. Who do I notify about a possible fraudulent filing? Pennsylvania
  25. What will happen to my case if I filed bankruptcy before and did not pay the entire f Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
  26. Is it permissible that attorneys sign amendments to bankruptcy schedules? Pennsylvania
  27. What is CM/ECF? Pennsylvania
  28. Why develop a new case management and case filing system? Pennsylvania
  29. What are the advantages of ECF? Pennsylvania
  30. Is CM/ECF available in other courts? Pennsylvania
  31. When is CM/ECF coming to your court? Pennsylvania
  32. Will ECF be available in the Reading division in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
  33. Can the general public view ECF cases and the documents in those cases? Pennsylvania
  34. Can any member of the public use ECF to file documents with the court? Pennsylvania
  35. Will the noticing component of CM/ECF be dependent upon a particular email system? Pennsylvania
  36. Can an attorney edit a docket entry? Pennsylvania
  37. How will payments of filing fees be handled for ECF cases? Pennsylvania
  38. If I was trained in another Court do I need to attend the training in PA-M? Pennsylvania
  39. Is there anyway that I can skip the training? Pennsylvania
  40. Can I have the same login and password that I have in another Court? Pennsylvania
  41. Are there differences in ECF between PA-E (or PA-W) and PA-M? Pennsylvania
  42. Who do I contact if I am having problems with PACER? Pennsylvania
  43. Why am I not getting emails? Pennsylvania
  44. How do I Clear Internet Cache in Netscape and Explorer? Pennsylvania
  45. When will ECF be mandatory? Pennsylvania
  46. Where can I find copies of the Official Bankruptcy forms. Pennsylvania
  47. What do I do if I change my E-mail address? Pennsylvania
  48. Why cant I get the Payment screens? Pennsylvania
  49. How do I access my free look? Pennsylvania
  50. What is a Notice to Filing Party Pennsylvania
  51. Are the Credit Counseling and Financial Management the same document? Pennsylvania
  52. When should I run the Judge/Trustee Assignment? Pennsylvania
  53. Will the BNC ever stop sending paper if the attorney requests it? Pennsylvania
  54. How will the Statement of SS# be e-filed? Pennsylvania
  55. Will attorney be required to bring a paper copy of the petition to the 341 meeting? Pennsylvania
  56. Who maintains the original Statement of Social Security Number (Form B-21)? Pennsylvania
  57. Can I respond to [email protected] Pennsylvania
  58. If I pay for the exact same pleading twice, how can I get a refund? Pennsylvania
  59. What is the procedure if an attorney leaves a law firm? Pennsylvania
  60. When attorney leaves a law firm what is the best way to get a list of attorney cases? Pennsylvania
  61. How do we get documents imaged by the Clerk's office, if they are not already imaged? Pennsylvania
  62. If Tax Documents have been requested to be filed, are they viewable to general public Pennsylvania
  63. Will e-filers be required to file all documents electronically? Pennsylvania
  64. What is the difference between a PACER login and an ECF login? Why do I need both? Pennsylvania
  65. What is the difference between reading/viewing a document and filing a document? Pennsylvania
  66. If I was trained in District Court can I have the same login and password? Pennsylvania
  67. Can my ECF login and password be the same as my PACER login and password? Pennsylvania
  68. How will I know if the e-mail I open is my one free look? Pennsylvania
  69. Will the Sheriff's Offices be setup to eventually receive e-mails of new cases?
  70. What is the easiest way to check what I've docketed? Pennsylvania
  71. Selling your home after Bankruptcy Pennsylvania
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