View Full Version : Oregon Bankruptcy Law

  1. Where can I obtain forms, and which ones do I need for filing? Oregon
  2. How do I obtain court or case information? Oregon
  3. Who can start a bankruptcy? Oregon
  4. When may I file bankruptcy again? Oregon
  5. Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy? Oregon
  6. A company or person who owes us money has filed bankruptcy. What do we do? Oregon
  7. I am getting mail from the court and don’t know why or who this person/company is Wh Oregon
  8. What is an “Automatic Stay”? Oregon
  9. Do I need to send a copy of the petition to anyone else? Oregon
  10. How do I get a hearing date? Oregon
  11. How do I file for Relief from the automatic stay? Oregon
  12. What are my options to obtain copies of case documents, including Certified Copies? Oregon
  13. What is the Chapter 7 "Means Test"? Oregon
  14. What are the consequences of filing for bankruptcy? Oregon Oregon
  15. What does the case number tell me? Oregon
  16. What if I don’t agree with an Order entered in a case? Oregon
  17. What is a §341(a) meeting or meeting of creditors?What can I expect will happen there Oregon
  18. I received two notices for the first meeting of creditors. Do I have to attend both? Oregon
  19. Why is the discharge date after the closing date? Oregon
  20. What is an adversary proceeding and how do I file a complaint? Oregon
  21. Notice to Individual Consumer Debtor(s) Under Section 342(b) of the Bankruptcy Code Oregon
  22. How do I find out who the trustee is in a case? Oregon
  23. What is the function of the U.S. Trustee and where is their office located? Oregon
  24. Where do I file? Oregon
  25. Where do I get a copy of the Local Rules for the Bankruptcy Court? Oregon
  26. Who do I notify about a possible fraudulent filing? Oregon
  27. How much are the court fees to file a bankruptcy? Oregon
  28. What happens after I file bankruptcy? Oregon
  29. I filed a proof of claim, why am I not getting paid? Oregon
  30. I filed an objection to the Plan. Why was the plan still confirmed? Oregon
  31. What does it mean if a case is dismissed? Oregon
  32. What is a reaffirmation agreement? Oregon
  33. What is a redemption? Oregon
  34. What can I do if a creditor keeps trying to collect money after I have filed bankrupt Oregon
  35. What is the wording for a certificate of service? Oregon
  36. How do I remove inaccurate information from my credit report? Oregon
  37. How many copies do I need to file at the court? Oregon
  38. I received a notice that I have a “deficient” pleading. What does that mean? Oregon
  39. How do I know if a debt is secured, unsecured, priority or administrative? Oregon
  40. What are exemptions? Oregon
  41. Is there any place I can get free or low cost legal advice before I file? Oregon
  42. What is a bankruptcy “estate”? Oregon
  43. What is a “trustee”? Oregon
  44. Collection agency from another state still trying to collect Oregon
  45. Discharge of Chapter 7 Creditor Violation Oregon
  46. excluding debts from bankruptcy filing Oregon
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