View Full Version : Ohio Bankruptcy Law

  1. Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy? Ohio
  2. How do I find out who the trustee is in a case ? Ohio
  3. How do I get a hearing date? Ohio
  4. How do I get certified copies of documents? Ohio
  5. How do I obtain case information? Ohio
  6. How many copies do I need to file at the Court? Ohio
  7. What are the requirements for filing a document without an attorney? Ohio
  8. What are the federal holidays? Ohio
  9. What do we do if someone in bankruptcy owes us money? Ohio
  10. What does it mean when a case is dismissed? Ohio
  11. What is a bankruptcy discharge? Ohio
  12. What debts are subject to a bankruptcy discharge? Ohio
  13. What is a section 341(a) meeting of creditors? Ohio
  14. What is the automatic stay? Ohio
  15. What is the Bankruptcy Code? Ohio
  16. What is the difference between chapters? Ohio
  17. What is the function of the U.S. Trustee and where is that office located? Ohio
  18. What is the witness fee? Ohio
  19. Where can I obtain the forms to file a bankruptcy case? Ohio
  20. Where do I file? Ohio
  21. Whom do I notify about a possible fraudulent filing? Ohio
  22. What is the case management/electronic case files project? Ohio
  23. What are the benefits and features of using CM/ECF for courts, attorneys and public Ohio
  24. When is CM/ECF available? Ohio
  25. Will CM/ECF be mandatory? Ohio
  26. How will the court establish procedures for electronic filing? Ohio
  27. Are there any restrictions on who may file documents on CM/ECF? Ohio
  28. How is filer identity authenticated? Ohio
  29. Can the general public view ECF cases and the documents in those cases? Ohio
  30. What is Adobe Acrobat? Ohio
  31. Why was Adobe PDF chosen as the document format?Does CM/ECF accept other formats TIFF Ohio
  32. Can you search a PDF file that was created by scanning original hard copy documents? Ohio
  33. Is there a size limitation on scanning? Ohio
  34. Is CM/ECF word processor specific? Ohio
  35. What are court procedures for Pro Se debtors? Ohio
  36. How is the requirement of an original signature handled for ECF cases? Ohio
  37. Will the courts docket reveal who has submitted documents via the Internet? Ohio
  38. May proofs of claim be filed over the Internet? Ohio
  39. Will proofs of claims be available for inspection via the Internet? Ohio
  40. Will it ever end???? Chap7 2004
  41. 16 reasons a case is dismissed Ohio
  42. chapter 7 questions Ohio
  43. Is there a such thing as Bankruptcy Fraud/Ohio? Ohio
  44. Hi I am wondering if in a Chapter 13 Ohio
  45. IS THERE A LIMIT....? Ohio
  46. Is Chapter 13 our only option? Ohio
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