View Full Version : North Carolina Bankruptcy Law

  1. Is it permissible that attorneys sign amendments to schedules? North Carolina
  2. Should the clerk file a motion without the fee because of critical time issue involed
  3. If a case in which installment fees are owing is dismissed, when isthe filing fee due North Carolina
  4. Is the claims bar date for government agencies the same as for other creditors? North Carolina
  5. In an adversary proceeding, is there a filing fee for a third-party complaint? North Carolina
  6. A company has filed for bankruptcy and owes us money. What do we do? North Carolina
  7. Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy? North Carolina
  8. How do I get the Bankruptcy removed from my credit report? North Carolina
  9. Where can I obtain petition forms? North Carolina
  10. How do I get admitted to practice in the Bankruptcy Court?
  11. Is my debt dischargeable? North Carolina
  12. Can the Clerk's Office give legal advice? North Carolina
  13. What does it mean if a case is dismissed? North Carolina
  14. What fee shouldbe chargedfor converting a chapter13 to a chapter7and splittiing case North Carolina
  15. What fee should be collected for a case that was closed in 1995 and reopened today? North Carolina
  16. Does the bankruptcy court payfor signlanguage interpreter for341 meeting ofcreditors North Carolina
  17. Does nayone know a reasonably priced attorney? North Carolina
  18. can a bill collector call my family North Carolina
  19. International Bankruptcy? North Carolina
  20. Can you get out of a reaffirming debt vehicle North Carolina
  21. BMMG Bankruptcy North Carolina
  22. Chapter 13 Question North Carolina North Carolina
  23. North Carolina
  24. North Carolina--Chapter 7,Local form and schedule C
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