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  1. Visas and Bolivia
  2. transfering from Atlanta, any opinion welcome!!!
  3. Married without visa how to Adjust Status
  4. Married without visa how to Adjust Status
  5. F-1 for ESL program
  6. N-400 processing times in the Washingto D.C. area
  7. SSN after EAD
  8. Suggestions -- Ideas - College - Russia - Medical School
  9. Question about GC
  10. OT- Adding husband to car insurance...pain in the...
  11. INGO: GC question - Another question based on your reply
  12. Working before EAD received?
  13. unsupported.....
  14. K1 success London
  15. Cndn/US K1 Experiences?
  16. AOS Interview Encore Appearance?
  17. Adjustment of status questions
  18. single parent(mother) wants to apply for tourist visa
  19. No Response to AOS, EAD, and Advance Parol Package
  20. AOS INS Chicago - bad experience BCIS
  21. unpaid speeding fine
  22. OT: Beware students
  23. AOS I-485 VSC
  24. Immigration and Labor Day Sermon
  25. AOS Success - Arlington
  26. Chinese fiancee visa
  27. need an indian assistant motel manager
  28. Anyone else still waiting after aos interview?
  29. driver license requires Greencard ???
  30. 100 days passed after I sent I-485 for my wife
  31. Canadian owning Property in the US
  32. N-400 in Virginia
  33. VWP -194.... Out to Canada and back ?????
  34. OT cheapsake petitioners
  35. Getting a US Driver's License
  36. Interview Date!!!!
  37. Writing to a congressman/woman or senator
  39. Out of Status
  40. Quick J-1 question
  41. quick question on J-1 visa
  42. quick f1 question
  43. quick f1 question
  44. yay!
  45. Urge your congressman to support HR-539
  46. AP for 1129F Spousal validity date ending 11/20/03
  47. J1 to F1
  48. J1 to F1
  49. Ead & Ssn
  50. which is better & faster?
  51. Long-term consequences of US Naturalization & Renunciation?
  52. travel abroad and other q.
  53. jaja one more thing
  54. Three Years tax returns?
  55. college/F-1/K1
  56. N-400 Application
  57. More on the New Prop. 187
  58. Question for Indians on F-1
  59. Mexican Govs ***** at Schwarzenegger
  60. Green card and moving from the US - what happens?
  61. OT Christmas Apart
  62. Fight for Human Freight - LA Times - December 14th 2003
  63. Jointly Filed I-751 on Jan 03 at VSC and Marriage has fallen apart.
  64. Very OT: Christmas humor ;-)
  65. I Am Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  66. What is the role of NVC?
  67. OT Malvo gets life without parole
  68. Very OT: Christmas Greetings Appropriate?
  69. How do I cancel a K1 petition?
  70. To get Interim EAD or not?
  71. Aos, Ead, Ap
  72. I-485
  73. Immigrant Visa Activation
  74. Immigrant Visa Activation
  75. N-400 - not arrested but USCIS thinks I was (traffic violation)
  76. Going on a cruise to Bermuda for honeymoon
  77. Cost of the whole process
  78. VA Drivers license H4, Marriage License
  79. EAD interview cancelled 'cos of snow!!!!!
  80. N400 Mandamus Case
  81. Prenuptial agreements
  82. Second fingerprinting notice - is this normal?
  83. Welcome to America - You're In the Army Now!
  84. WooHoo! N-400 Update
  85. See Ya All Tomorrow!!!
  86. OT: Trying to obtain VA drivers license
  87. H1B1
  88. Virginia AOS- how do I find out more?
  89. I-797 Extension??
  90. Fingerprints in Alexandria VA
  91. my husband threatening me - am CPR now.
  92. dcf
  93. Born In the USA
  94. Case transferred to other Service Center
  95. Case transferred to other Service Center
  96. time period interview until card arrives
  97. Complicated case.
  98. Arlington, VA office
  99. DMV Update
  100. Successful AOS - Cleveland!
  101. complex situation
  102. No negotation
  103. preparing to appeal I-601 denial
  104. approved!!!! email sent at 2.59am
  105. time frame and questions (I-601 denial appeal)
  106. Steve's Oath Ceremony
  107. Status check need help!
  108. AOS/Visa waiver running out of time. HELP!!
  109. Wife can't receive Driving licence until I-485 approval.. is that correct?
  110. H4, out of status, I-485 filed Need help
  111. H4, out of status, I-485 filed, Need Help
  112. I received a call from USCIS
  113. Anybody out there who finished the 130 process abroad ?
  114. Domicile question
  115. can i stay in USA
  116. Moving to the US to work?
  117. tempoary work in VA/DC,not sure what steps 2 take next.
  118. job offer from the US
  119. job offer from the US
  120. Re-entry within 2 months.
  121. Re-entry within 2 months.
  122. Norfolk AOS - how do they get I-130?
  123. medical insurance
  124. O/T ...hey LPdiver...
  125. a few questions about getting started...
  126. Slightly OT: Reality Show Holds Up Green Card As Bait
  127. MDUdall: Say Goodbye to time estimates on receipt notices
  128. How long do Appeals take?
  129. I-130 submitted to DHS in London, what next?
  130. Problems getting driver's license in VA
  131. help please!
  132. I need info on.....
  133. Can you go to 'school' once you have your SSN?
  134. off topic - Marriages in US
  135. What do I do from here?!
  136. Biometrics appt yesterday
  137. looking a long way into the future...advice please
  138. USA Driver's License
  139. NYT: A Mother Deported, and a Child Left Behind
  140. Can an Immigrant own a gun ?
  141. cr1 NVC passes file to London
  142. OT: Happy Birthday ~ Jenney!
  143. WPost: Tracking Down Immigrant Fugitives
  144. Mexico publishes guide to assist border crossers
  145. I-130 and children
  146. AOS, don't yet have "vaccination supplement"
  147. K1 Visa Help!!!! First Cousins Marriage!! US embassy in Pakistan. Case Halted!!
  148. Driver license and CPR
  149. overstay on vw
  150. In the UK following overstay. Fiance in US. What now?
  151. Not sure which visa
  152. I-601 waiver form
  153. O/T Am I weird, that this angers me?
  155. I-601 waiver approved!!!
  156. The Global Warming Hoax
  157. Want to enquire about your fingerprints? FBI Phone number :)
  158. j-1 visa scholar-doing unauthorized extra work
  159. Which office in Northern Virginia
  160. Address change during I-751 processing
  161. problem - im not married!
  162. FBI Check Pending Delays I 485
  163. to brenda ballard or anyone having interview in memphis for the AOS
  164. Interesting Wash Post article re green card applications
  165. Age-out - but not official!!!
  166. What does a Congressman/woman actually do?
  167. K- 2 AGE-OUT due to processing delays.
  168. I-751 Hypothetical Situation
  169. I-751 & Failing Marriages (revisited)
  170. Very OT: For all you US/UK families - some cool stuff!
  171. OT: Many foreigners no longer require a learner's permit in Virginia
  172. AOS approved: Memphis
  173. West Palm Beach VWP AOS Interview -
  174. N-400 interview experience in Wash. DC
  175. OT: What Are Your Thoughts On The Two Proposed Illegal Alien Immigration Bills
  176. US citizen with Canadian fiance and 2 kids
  177. J-1 visa-getting married in USA
  178. J-1 visa-getting married in USA
  179. HELP ME ASAP!! F1 wants to marry USC
  180. Illegal Alien Wishing to Divorce in Virginia
  181. terminating parental rights Virginia
  182. Naturalization Virginia
  183. N-400 Good moral character ? Virginia
  184. Stay in US after 6 years of H1B - Virginia
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