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  1. American theme
  2. married to USC but still legally married to other
  3. Where should I get married... URGENT
  4. Additional info requested by the BSIC??
  5. K1 or K3 ... which is the best route?
  6. Can I work on a provisional resident visa
  7. New Member
  8. denied visas
  9. K1 visa for second cousin
  10. Nov. 2003 Imprimis article
  11. MDUdall: New NSC processing report is out
  12. marriage license
  13. EAD at POE for K1/K3, and other Qs
  14. Moving personal items to the U.S. from Canada
  15. Day 130 and Joke Continues
  16. TN to H1-B to GC -- timeline?
  17. Apostiles/Translations needed in USA?
  18. Getting married in USA
  19. Import my car on TN...
  20. Are Family Judges sympathetic to immigrants?
  21. documents illegally shredded at service center
  22. I fully support National Identity Cards
  23. K-3 time line @ Vancouver
  24. K3 Congressional Letter helps?
  25. MULTIPLE ENTRY stamped on I-94 for K-3
  26. Renting an apartment and US Immigration
  27. O/T? Getting a certified marriage cert. in Vegas
  28. start a business on B1/B2?
  29. Marriage in Las Vegas based on a visa waiver...
  30. All immigration laws violate human rights
  31. All immigration laws violate human rights
  32. Wife on Deed (how to)?
  33. Working Illegaly
  34. Teaching in the US
  35. K1, K3, CR-1 and money
  36. Excited and nervous for AOS interview...
  37. Urgent Advice H1-B to marriage
  38. It's all over but the oath. My N400 interview
  39. lost my marriage certificate
  40. Is there any way
  41. What do we do once we are married on a K1 fiance visa?
  42. Where do we go from here? (VWP/K1 and related issues)
  43. Where do we go from here? (VWP/K1 and related issues)
  44. Honeymoon Destinations
  45. AOS mostly approved in LA
  46. Moving away... is it a problem
  47. A US citizen to marry a UK citizen
  48. Moving to another state while pending I-751?
  49. From the UK with love... Nevada
  50. Desperatly in need of any advice or info Nevada
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