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  1. Advice Please: Dr. Office Forgot To Provide Test Results
  2. Weeding out 'frivolous' lawsuits BEFORE they are filed.
  3. I need a medical malpratice attorney
  4. About Medical Malpractice in saint louis, MO
  5. medical malpractice by dentist.
  6. Wisconsin -- John Doe in Med Malpractice?
  7. Wisconsin -- John Doe in Med Malpractice?
  8. Researching Hospital Malpractice.
  9. I am shocked about judge Greer!
  10. That Zany George Bush is at it again
  11. Chiropractic Fraud ?
  12. Did 'Junk Science' Make John Edwards Rich?
  13. Pneumonia misdiagnosis
  14. Need lawyer to write 'credited' chapter in book.
  15. Need Plaintiff lawyer to write chapter in book... credited, of course
  16. Where to ask "Is this malpractice?"
  17. Unconstitutional worker's compensation laws (GA)!
  18. pro se plaintiff needs help
  19. medical malpractice question
  20. malpractice compensation in divorce
  21. Right to obtain medical records
  22. Civil & Criminal Acts
  23. Permanent scar from lady running stop sign
  24. A doctor damaged my urethra - what do I do?
  25. Are hospitals liable for infections caught while a patient
  26. Supreme Court Wacks Malpractice Shysters
  27. two-part civil verdicts?
  28. How to start with a Medical Malpractice(Dental) suit in michigan
  29. Questions about my mother's death
  30. ? Any hope of receiving anything in case of perforated colon ?
  31. ? Any hope of receiving anything in case of perforated colon ?
  32. ? Any hope of receiving anything in case of perforated colon ?
  33. Lawsuit Abuse
  34. Calif limits on %royalties for lawyer's fees?
  35. A gigolo and a jackal II
  36. Bush Moves to Block Medical Suits
  37. Loser Pays and Caps Needed to Curb Shysters
  39. Can I sue my ortho dentist
  40. Newbie Q - discovery costs for Lasik malpractice
  41. Malpractice:
  42. Pharmacy negligence question
  43. Bush Blames 'Junk Lawsuits' for Job Woes
  44. KKKerry + Ambulance Chaser = High Health Care Costs + Taxes
  45. Stop the Shyster!
  46. Medical Doctors! Registered Nurses! Patients! KKKerry + Ambulance Chaser= High Insura
  47. Viox
  48. In Malpractice Trials, Juries Rarely Have the Last Word
  49. "Tort Reform" Scam
  50. Bush wants to curtail "personal injury lawsuits" (such as breast implants,
  51. A Needed Fulcrum for Fairness in Class-Action Litigation
  52. SSRI's in alcoholism
  53. Tort Reform: Another Bush Bubble Burst
  54. Bu$h's "Pro-life" and "Torture" policies rolled into one -- Tortu
  55. Terri Schiavo RIP
  56. MERCURY NEWS: Tort trials fall by nearly 80 percent
  57. Medical Malpractice
  58. Local hospital may have killed a patient. Need help
  59. What can I expect at a deposition (I am the plaintiff)
  60. medical bills statute limitations
  61. lack of Pathology report loses malpractice suit
  62. Hair Transplant Legal Questions
  63. unethical dental professional
  64. fatigued employees making mistakes-employer liable?
  65. fatigued employees making mistakes- employer liable?
  66. Need to see x-rays doctor did not show me, after having a bone fragment the was wedge
  67. Wrecked and left there.Thanks 911
  68. pleural effussions Vermont
  69. Malpractice or Bad Luck Arizona
  70. Balance Billing going on? If so, what can I do?
  71. Sister Murdered, Doctors are CRAZY!! Florida
  72. An orthodontists mistake or mine (Connecticut)
  73. treating wrong patient Ohio
  74. surgeon/workers comp Wisconsin
  75. Mis diagnosed torn achilles Ohio
  76. Missing Specimen and Pathology Report Ohio
  77. serious question
  78. Is it medical malpractice? Idaho
  79. Do I have a case? Ohio
  80. Medical malpractice or product liability New York
  81. finding medical malpractice attorney, time to file California
  82. Dental Nightmare New Jersey
  83. Cataract Surgery
  84. Medical Records Question Ohio
  85. is this considered medical malpractice Louisiana
  86. Do I have a Medical Malpratice Case? Pennsylvania
  87. Medical Malpractice in Texas
  88. Operation gone bad.....
  89. 2month old infant dead is her pedi the reason??? California Colorado Connecticut
  90. Falling through the cracks... Missouri & Oklahoma
  91. Oral Malpractice in Nebraska.... Nebraska
  92. No one reads or posts here Federal
  93. Father passed. Dr. misdiagnosed him Nevada
  94. What will be the time for suing malpractice case for minors - OHIO STATE Ohio
  95. accutane Washington
  96. Med Mal Notice/Complaint/Affidavit (Michigan) Michigan
  97. Med Mal Notice/Complaint/Affidavit Michigan
  98. Illegal eyeglass prescription alteration? Virginia
  99. Defibrillator shocked 30-40 times Georgia
  100. Do Patients with Crohn's Have Rights?
  101. Do Patients with Crohn's Have Rights? Arizona
  102. Malpractice in Maine? Maine
  103. Therapy Fraud Question Illinois
  104. newborn baby girl Washington
  105. medical papers needed Arizona Arizona
  106. prolonged sensitivity in tooth after dentist procedure New York
  107. Please advise
  108. New Jersey EMT vs. Work Question
  109. Employee gets employer in legal trouble Vermont
  110. colon perforation Missouri
  111. Jurisdiction for Surgery out of state New Jersey
  112. Illegal activity at imaging faculity California
  113. Bad Hair Transplant Virginia
  114. Arizona ER
  115. Dental Malpractice? Washington
  116. Who is the best medical malpractice atty in Las Vegas, Nevada? Nevada
  117. Orthodonist Malpractice Massachusetts
  118. seroquel lawsuit South Carolina
  119. Fractured spine at worst hospital in NJ
  120. medical records missing California
  121. Washington
  122. Nurse sent my medical information to supplier without my consent Montana
  123. Multiple Doctors - Failure to Diagnose - Resulting in Death of Patient Missouri
  124. Good lawyers in Arkansas
  125. forgot to be fed after surgey Colorado
  126. Dr holding records hostage for big $ Washington
  127. Experimental procedure NERVE INJURY oral surgery, need attorney California
  128. Attorneys' Fees Wisconsin
  129. HELP! my mom was injured due to a hospital's negligence
  130. South Carolina
  131. Imaging facility report forgery Arizona
  132. Dental crowns v. conventional fillings California
  133. patient abandonment question California
  134. is this fraud? Arizona
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